Dear Nate,

Blessed birthday to you! It’s our fourth year visiting this special place in remembrance of you – a place where only Mom, Dad, Sib and Em will always be visiting whenever we miss you.

Your sis specially picked this ‘yellow’ bouquet for you. Hope you like it!

A Special Meaning Behind This Yearly Family Affair

As much as we wished you can be around with us here, we know there’s a greater meaning behind why you left us to join God in heaven. This annual visit means a lot to us as a family – it makes us treasure one another even more, letting us appreciate every blessings we received thus far.

For every losses, every challenges, every blessings are part and parcel of God’s plan for us. Some challenges are harder to embrace, and some blessings are easily forgotten – but whenever I look back at how we lost you, it always make me realise how unexpected life can be – we can only treasure what we have at the moment and make the best out of whatever circumstances we are in. Life is short but it will be shorter if you start letting your days pass by without appreciating everything you have  around you.

May every 2nd February be our official family day! To put everything behind and just have as much fun as possible for just this special day!

Here’s us chilling together for late lunch 😉 Checking out the horses and laughing over the silliest things we see! We had a lot of fun despite Em having slight running nose and Sib with a churning stomach. :/


Hope you are enjoying yourself up there too! Love you so much, Nate!



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